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Officials say witnesses saw someone throw something from a truck or van before the blast and saw a vehicle speed away afterward.The FBI hasn't said if it has arrested anyone or if it is pursuing any suspects.

But the series also left out or fictionalized scenes that Wilder deemed unsuitable for kids, including much of the time the family spent in Burr Oak, Iowa, and Walnut Grove, Minnesota, according to Pamela Smith Hill, a Wilder biographer and the lead editor on the autobiography.

It was full of the everyday sorts of things that we don't care to think about when we think about history,' said Lauters, who has read the original manuscript and also is writing a book on Rose Wilder Lane.

The real-life Caroline and Charles Ingalls, known as Ma and Pa in the series: Pioneer Girl includes stark scenes of domestic abuse, love triangles gone awry and a man who lit himself on fire while drunk off whiskey For fans, the autobiography is chance to see from where Wilder drew her inspiration, said Sandra Hume, a Wilder aficionado who published an internationally distributed newsletter for 10 years and now helps manage Laurapalooza, a conference dedicated to all things Wilder.'I am very excited to see people have access to this, because her life story has been pretty muddled because people get mixed up with the TV show and it's nice to see an interest in people seeing basically what is the primary source ...' she said.

Officials are currently looking for a person responsible for the explosion.'At this point, our focus is to determine who and why,' Mr Thornton said at a press conference. The mosque does not have outside security cameras, which might have proved helpful in the investigation.

Mohamed Omar, executive director of the Dar Al-Farooq Islamic Center, told The Associated Press on Monday that his community doesn't have the money for security cameras.

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We simply cannot get enough of Laura Ingalls Wilder.