Oracle plsql if updating sim guy dating

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Oracle plsql if updating

Based on the logic developed by our developer, I have created a package with both the options (Bulk Fetch and Single Fetch). EMPNO; 32 EXCEPTION 33 WHEN NO_DATA_FOUND THEN 34 INSERT INTO EMP_ETL 35 VALUES (REC. and even then - the rowid would change AFTER we moved the row (after the update) so even then it would not affect it. I'm confused since both examples are same and I feel that first one should not give you error as well. April 26, 2012 - am UTC what changed was the YEAR and the VERSIONS Oracle 8i Release 3 did not support bulk collecting into arrays of records. That is why there are always dates, always versions with each and every example. drop the old table, rename the new table, add indexes etc.The package is as under : create or replace package vivek as procedure do_it; procedure do_it_single; function check_odd_even(objid in number) return varchar2; function check_prime(objid in number) return varchar2; end; / create or replace package body vivek as type rowid Array is table of rowid index by binary_integer; type vivek Rec is record ( t_owner dbms_sql.varchar2_table, t_object_name dbms_sql.varchar2_table, t_object_id dbms_sql.number_table, t_odd_even dbms_sql.varchar2_table, t_prime dbms_sql.varchar2_table, t_rowid rowid Array ); function check_prime(objid in number) return varchar2 is l_value number default 0; l_cnt number default 2; Begin while l_cnt loop l_value:=mod(objid,l_cnt); if l_value=0 then l_cnt:=objid; end if; l_cnt:=l_cnt 1; end loop; if l_value = 0 then return 'Not a Prime No.'; else return 'Prime No.'; end if; end; -- end of prime function function check_odd_even(objid in number) return varchar2 is l_value number; begin l_value:=mod(objid,2); if l_value = 0 then return 'Even'; else return 'Odd'; end if; end; ---------------- end of odd_even function procedure do_it is l_record vivek Rec; l_array_size number default 1000; l_cnt number default 1; l_start number; l_run number; cursor main is select rowid, owner, object_name, object_id from vivek_test where rownum September 30, 2003 - am UTC hmm, thats a ton of code. actually, this process should start with "lock table t in exclusive mode" since they plan on updating every row anyway Hi Tom, I've confusion on one of your followup with "A reader from Chicago, IL, USA" on January 4, 2002 - 1pm Central time zone: You mentioned - Oh, that you could.... Hi, I have never done bulk collect and forall updates. All of this can be done in parallel, nologging - skipping all undo and redo generation.

I tried to use this PL table of records to so a FORALL update etc.. tablespace_name, s.extent_management FROM user_tables t, user_tablespaces s WHERE t.tablespace_name = s.SQL, SQL Server, Tutorials, Oracle, PL/SQL, Interview Questions & Answers, Joins, Multiple Choice Questions, Quiz, Stored Procedures, Select, Insert, Update, Delete and other latest topics on SQL, SQL Server and Oracle.So, we'll start with a table to update: [email protected] now, we can define a record that represents a row in our table.In this case, it really represents an ARRAY of rows in our table. COM create or replace package body do_update 2 as 3 type rowid Array is table of rowid index by binary_integer; 4 5 type emp Rec is record 6 ( 7 empno dbms_sql.number_table, 8 ename dbms_sql.varchar2_table, 9 job dbms_sql.varchar2_table, 10 mgr dbms_sql.number_table, 11 hiredate dbms_sql.date_table, 12 sal dbms_sql.number_table, 13 comm dbms_sql.number_table, 14 deptno dbms_sql.number_table, 15 rowid rowid Array, 16 changed dbms_sql.varchar2_table 17 ); 18 19 this little routine just mimicks your setup.

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The Update is dependent on results of 19 procedures which are quite complex.

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