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The service’s ease of discovery is miles ahead too, and encourages you to follow interesting stories from people every day, tucked away in the explore tab.

Snapchat’s discoverability looks more like this: I think, after years of being an active Snapchat user and fan, I’ve decided to move on.

The service was fun, but I’ve realized recently that it doesn’t offer anything unique, and even if Facebook was copying the company in the first place, it’s done a better job than Snapchat ever could.

The majority of my friends have moved across, and those who initially relented seem to have started getting their feet wet with Instagram too.

Half of the stories I drop into on Snapchat these days are these people asking me to follow on Instagram too, and if they’re not shifted entirely already, they’re definitely loading the same pictures into both platforms already.

I think this, at its core, has always been Snapchat’s problem.

Instagram on the other hand feels just as free as following someone on Twitter, or adding a friend on Facebook: it’s non-committal, and isn’t a big deal.

You don’t mind doing it with strangers, and it doesn’t feel strange.

Meanwhile, Snapchat’s experience is an exercise in a maze that looks something like this: What really takes the cake, however, isn’t thanks to Snapchat’s terrible execution, but Instagram’s biggest strength: it’s already got a strong network underneath, full of people that I’m extremely interested in following.

When you added a friend on Snap, it felt like you were performing an intimate ritual — it’s almost like letting someone into your underwear drawer — and feels like a big deal.

Be it scanning each other’s codes, typing out your username, or using the ‘nearby’ feature, adding someone on Snapchat is a big deal, and feels akin to a huge step in your friendship (it can also easily be misinterpreted as an attempt to flirt).

The addictiveness and popularity of Snapchat’s Stories feature continue to this day, but the company finds itself at something of a crossroads: Facebook’s cloned the entire thing, and it’s doing it better than Snapchat ever could, and innovating at a faster clip.

When Instagram Stories launched well over a year ago, I thought it was cute, but couldn’t understand why I’d ever jump from Snapchat.

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Snapchat is the darling of technology: for years, we’ve fawned over the company for being innovative, using daring interfaces and out of the ordinary tactics to get people to pay it.

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