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A "Will," in a strict technical sense, is a statement of how you want things to carry on after your death.For example, splitting your worldly goods and giving 50% to each of your two children would be a Testament.District Courts, Boston Municipal Courts, Probate and Family Courts, Housing Courts and Juvenile Courts have limited jurisdiction over certain types of cases.

Superior Courts have general jurisdiction over all civil and criminal cases but usually handle cases that are beyond the jurisdiction of other trial courts.What most of us think of as a "Will" is technically a "Testament".It is a statement of how you want your wordly assets distributed upon your death.That's not much help to you who are out of the county, but it does mean that LDS Libraries (Family History Centres) should have copies.Wills are an excellent resource for Family Historians, as they often contain details of both property and family.

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During the 15th century the law restricting the devising of land was got around by conveying real estate, during the individual's life, to trustees know as the 'feofees to uses' ('to hold to the use of the owner's will'), and the document instructing the trustees was known as his Will.

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