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So if it’s something we’re not sure the network will approve or the network hasn’t approved or they’re on the fence about, we always had so many different variations to try. If I have the time, I love to try and memorize the words but not to the detriment….

That’s the biggest thing I noticed other than a slightly larger crew as well. I was more of a movie guy, I did watch TV but I was mostly movie guy. I kind of just fell into doing theater in our small town, Los Altos and Northern California. I loved kind of becoming a family with these other actors and I loved performing in front of an audience and quite honestly hearing that response, hearing them laugh. It was just so fun to think, “Wow, these people really enjoyed what we’re doing up on the stage.” And so I kept doing that and eventually somebody offered for me to go down and audition for something and I did. To me, I don’t know if you feel the same way, but it’s always tempting to go straight to the words and that sometimes distracts.

find his lothario best friend and roommate, Jimmy, is now dating his recently separated mother, Lydia (Krista Allen).

To make matters worse, Nate’s previously disinterested dad, Harrison (Jonathan Silverman) is now determined to win Lydia back and isn’t afraid to use Nate to get what he wants.

But it actually occurred and we were very thrilled to hear that news. Because when you got involved you knew was can be a web series right? At least we know it occurred at one point and hopefully continues.He wants to do what’s best for his mom and his best friend but of course it’s very tough for him to handle and really swallow the pill of seeing them in a relationship. They put episodes to see if people watch them, if people watch them how they respond to them and then they might decide to order something more for the network.And what adds to the fuel to the fire, is that Nate’s dad, played by Jonathan Silverman, has been trying to get back together with his mom. Or they might decide to order more episodes for the CW Seed.Especially when you around a whole bunch of people who have bigger fish to fry and you’re not privy to any of the things that are really going on in the social dynamics of the set. Say you got an audition right after this phone call. And I was doing the sides and I was in the audition and I prepared it and I did something that was just really dramatic.I made a choice for some reason that I thought, maybe because in my mind I felt subconscious and so I was trying to make myself seem older? It must have looked something like a Harrison Ford impersonation or something.

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You’re the new kid at school that everyone knows is gonna be gone within a week. I mean, people can be nice but there’s always this feeling of, “Oh, we know they’re only be around for a little bit.”And you also feel like you can’t really ask for what you need because you’re just the new guy and you should be lucky to be there. You also feel a little bit like, “Well, nobody knows me. I really didn’t think I was right for the role, I was a little young.

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