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Migrants say they are then able to attempt another crossing to Europe.

The report states: "The Royal Navy and the RAF are now running at around 10 per cent short of their annual recruitment target, whilst for the Army the shortfall is over 30 per cent."Constant pressure on recruiting budgets has only compounded the difficulty.” "This continuing process of 'hollowing out' in the ranks,” the report adds, “While costing the armed forces valuable experience, also threatens to compound the problem by increasing the pressure on those personnel who remain.“While some elements of the armed forces maintain a high tempo of operations, this problem is likely to become increasingly difficult to sustain in the medium to long term." In his report Mr Francois also expressed concern about controversial outsourcing company Capita, which in 2012 took over Army recruitment in a partnership contract said by the firm to be valued at around £44m a year for 10 years.In his report, Mr Francois confirmed that the Army faced the biggest problem, pointing out that it needs to recruit 10,000 people a year to maintain its strength, but only managed to attract 7,000 entrants last year.Mr Francois further reported that all three branches of the armed forces were struggling to replace personnel who were leaving.

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The UK-backed Libyan coastguard is running a racket in the Mediterranean Sea by turning its legitimate power to stop migrant crossings into a cash cow, according to victims’ accounts.

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