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Eoghan mcdermott dating website

The other trend is a more contemporary design with flat, handle-less doors, made of very textured veneers.Smoked eucalyptus would be typical of one of those veneers.The house, designed by architect Fergus Flanagan, is single storey to the front, while the two-storey back has massive amounts of glazing to afford wonderful views of Mount Leinster In David and Christine Farrell's en suite bathroom, a large, flat piece of smooth steel protudes from a wall, and because everything else is so contemporary and pristine, it's easy to jump to the conclusion that it's the latest in bathroom technology. The piece of steel is a very nice sleek tap for a bath, but there's the rub - there is no bath. It was going to be a slipper bath, the space is just right for it, but we just ran out of money, so it will have to be showers for us for the moment," David says with a laugh.David and Christine laugh as they explain the reason for its absence. The reason he can laugh is that it's actually a very small thing in a very beautiful, very finely fitted-out home, with a stunning high-end walnut kitchen, capacious storage everywhere and superb contemporary wooden furniture, such as the dining table with a stone inset. It helps, of course, that David - who is MD of one of Ireland's top kitchen manufacturers, Michael Farrell Bespoke Kitchen & Furniture Design in Enniscorthy -has a degree in furniture technology and has been working with wood since he was a boy, helping his father Michael, who started the company. Then, when it came to summer jobs, it was either the workshop or picking strawberries, and with that you're stuck in a wet field, so it was a no-brainer," David says with a laugh."We have 22 full-time staff now, more than we ever had before, but we learned a lot in those years - for example, the importance of managing growth.We have to focus on delivering something a bit different, something a bit niche.She did really well for herself in New York and she’s been there for Cian since she got back." By Sam Blewett, Press Association Los Angeles Correspondent Steven Seagal is being investigated over an allegation of sexual assault said to have taken place in 2005, the Los Angeles Police Department has said.David and Christine with their two boys Eoghan, (four) and Ben, (16 months), outside their home in the Wexford countryside.

And the below-counter storage is mainly made up of drawers.

The couple, who had met in 2004 in a nightclub, the week after Christine graduated as a pharmacist, opted to buy a site in the Enniscorthy area in 2009.

"My parents live nearby, there is a great community here and it's near work," David says simply.

"We wanted it to be inconspicuous from the road," David explains, adding that they also wanted the design to take advantage of the views. "The bedrooms can be small as long as the storage is right," David explains, adding that Fergus got what they wanted very quickly.

"I'm very much about letting the architect bring a fresh pair of eyes.

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Not only were the couple thrilled with the architect's work, it seems that he was also impressed with David's - Fergus has commissioned David to design many kitchens for the houses he has worked on since.