Drobo updating boot support partitions

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Drobo updating boot support partitions

Just add disks, and it takes care of figuring out how to maximally protect from data loss. For old Linux hands, just use a partitioner, such as parted, and build an ext3 file system and set the mount point.

One does not, as with other storage units, have to install matching disks. See the Setup section for details on manually setting things up from the command line without any special software.

Source code can be directly downloaded run it explicitly from the directory. group_id=222830 download the preferred, then unpack it: When a new model comes out, or the stable version is missing a feature, one may elect to follow along with the latest development version. very scary, but my drobo is in bad shape right now...Nor are arcane decisions about how the data is laid out asked. For those with other tastes, there is also a GUI that can take care of it: [ Screen Shots ][ Download ][Links and Help][ Index] You can use Drobos without any special software.It pretends to be just a pile of storage, and does the smart thing. The blue capacity lights will fill up as the disks fill. Drobo-utils is a set of linux tools to query and manage Data Robotics Drobo storage systems.The product line is below: So you bought a Drobo and want to use it under linux. When it gets too full, Drobo will ask for another drive with its drive lights. Fire up drobom view, and it should look familiar to those who have seen the dashboard on other operating systems.Drobom view is built on a little python programmer interface which can be installed on the system and used by other applications as well.

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