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To make matters worse, I’ve asked my female friends for advice and they’ve told me that I’m too much of a ‘good guy’, as in the sort of guy who girls settle down with (I’m an economics grad student and a stereotypically nerdy guy) and not the sort of guy that girls would want for a one night stand or something more casual.Which is fine, but I some of the more casual stuff (sex being part of the pyramid of needs) and it seems it’s easier to go from hooking up to a relationship rather than meeting to a relationship.

"I told him to look around at the rest of us — no one else had anything like that going on.So what you end up doing is sending the absolute wrong message for the person you’re trying to attract.Being open and honest about what you want and what you have to offer is like a super power.I know I sound very bitter, but it seems like that finding a relationship the conventional way these days is virtually impossible and that you need to play hookup culture and all of these stupid games to get anywhere with anyone rather than just being honest. What you’ve described sounds more like somebody’s idea of how “bad boys” operate as reported by someone who’s only heard of the idea before and hasn’t seen it play out.I’m not quite sure where you got the idea that asking someone out for coffee (or that asking someone out for alcoholic drinks is inherently skeezy) is asking them to commit to anything other than a couple bucks for the price of a latte but… Unless you are talking to someone who lives their life like an Overly Attached Girlfriend meme, literally sees meeting someone for coffee as being asked to commit to a relationship.

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