Automatic transfers consolidating pension savings

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I'm having Issues logging in with my i Pad If you have a Wi-Fi only i Pad, there is currently a software issue that doesn't allow you to login with a passcode. " icon and login using your normal Customer ID and password. Please note fees apply for some methods of payment.

We're working on a permanent fix in our next app update soon. For a complete guide to the fees and charges on our loans, please download the Lending Fees and Charges brochure or obtain a copy from a Suncorp Bank branch near you.

To fix, simply delete the app you have and download a new version from the App Store.

When setting up the transfer, in the ‘Timing’ section, simply choose the ‘Recurring payment’ option.

You can make recurring payments weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Please check the phone line is securely connected to your terminal's blue 'LINE' port and the other end of the curly cable (if attached) is securely connected to the phone socket. If the terminal is sharing the line with a phone or fax machine, or is plugged into a double adapter, please try removing the other devices and retry the transaction.

Please restart the terminal by press the blue 'Function' key then type '3' and press the green 'Enter' key.

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If you have a Recurring Transfer set up to make your home loan repayments, you can change the frequency of this at any time by selecting ‘Transfer Money’, and then clicking on the ‘Edit’ button next to the relevant transfer (which should be listed on the page).

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